Stiched foggy morning

No clever comments for this just the specs, actually, 17 shots, Heiicon Focus focus merged, front to back twice, then stictched in to a pano.  Although with the 45 TSE-E rotataed because the shift was in use to keep the camera level.  Need to use the macro slide to get the entrance pupil correctly positioned.  Practice, practice — tuning up for the North Dakota workshop.  Quite large if printed at 300ppi ~ 39" x 12".  5D Mark II, 45mm TS-E f/2.8, ISO 100, f/5.6, +1 EV, 1/100 on the Gitzo.

So here is the redo with the macro slide and the no-paralax (aka, entrance pupil, nodal point) set correctly. Gitzo lowered to eliminate the need to shift with the 45mm TS-E but the composition could have dealt with the rail better.



Planned Pano

So this is a better prepped pano.  5D Mk II, 45mm TS-E with some plus shift applied. Thirty nine shots, thirteen frames each bracketed with three images then combined using HDR Efex pro. Stitching in Photoshop CS5 as Panorama Factory kept running out of memory. This thing is big, just under 7' x 1.5' — I wonder if I will ever try to print it, I could and then what.  The mounting fees would be astronomical.

Anyway, Canon 5D Mk II, 45mm TS-E, HDR Efex, CS5 Photomerge and the usual Nashification recipe.  The B&W Version via Silver Efex Pro.

Panorama from Veranda #4

Haven't tried one of these in ages.  A real quick attempt with the X100 @ f/8.0 and ISO 200, unfortunately I can only reliably clamp the X100 to the Gitzo in landscape mode, not portrait. Six stitched images, each a three shot HDR bracket.  Some stitching problems with some ghosting in the distant buildings. Will try again with the 5D Mk II, with a RRS L Bracket, in portrait orientation with the 45mm TS-E.  I suspect that will be without any stitching problems.  Panorama creation using Panorama Factory from Smoky City Software.  Actual size at 300 dpi is 47 x 8.25".  Lacks height, that is why portrait orientation for the next one.