ND Workshop

Rugby, ND - show and tell

So here are the fifteen images I am taking to the North Dakota, Tillman Crane workshop.  All printed on 13"x19" Epson Cold Press Natural (rough texture fine art paper).  They are printed with a minumum 2" border and bottom weighted so there is lot of white space especially on the square images. All finished in a split tone faux platinum. 

It was hard culling these out from 150,000 images taken since 2003. They turn out being from eight states (CO, KS, MD, ME, NE, PA, VA, WV), taken with four different cameras (Canon 10D, 5D, 5D MkII, 5D MkIII) in six different years (2005, 06, 07, 09, 11, 12).

So... after review by the editorial board at lunch today, three images are coming out.  The bane of the editorial board, while remaining an all time favorite of the artist, the houses on the Ohio river, on Wheeling Island, WV. Out! Relaced by the Last Picture Show, not in Archer City, TX however, this in Dunning, NE.  

The schoolhouse in Volland, KS out because, it really didn't make the cut technically, replaced by the Coca Cola machine from about sixty miles away in Cottonwood Falls, KS. The Florence, KS schoolhouse will be coming out as well, to be replaced by one of two shots from Maryland — Crystal Pool (2004) or the Linwood Grain Elevator (2006). Polls close later tonite.  Both are posted in the gallery for the moment.

After further review,artists priveldge is being asserted and both Crystal Pool and the Linwood Grain elevator are staying in, Marietta, PA is coming out which will please the editorial board which only found interest in the light bulb.  Done and dusted, unless there are some technical issues with the three new additions when printed.

Well... maybe dusted but not so done. Concluded that three tall images with signs was too much. So the Linwood Grain elevator bites the dust and is replaced by Leadville, CO (2006). Love the Ford in the alley. 

Click on the contact sheet to be transported to the gallery.  Click on a thumbnail there for the full size images.