Black Friday

Black Friday

So it is Black Friday '11 and another trip to Manhattan. Travelled light with only the X100 and some extra cards and batteries.  First real zone focusing experience — some good results and some misses. Anyway easier and much more stealthy than a DSLR.

Below is first snap posted — although it was among the very last snapped. Many more to follow, plus some more additions to the woodturning gallery from last weekend still to come. The first thiry or so of what will probably be about 150 or so are up in the the first gallery. Click here or on the snap below to zoom off to the gallery.

Thirty Forth Street side of Macy's


shopping days until Christmas.  Reprocessed snap from in front of the flagship Saks store on Fifth Avenue on Black Friday 2011.  Should probably make that trip again in 2012.   All with HDR Efex Pro, with darkened, de-structurfed, de-contrasted Granny's Attic preset applied to the background masked off the subject, further finishing with Color Efex 3. Suggested by Nik webinar.

A couple of blocks up Fifth.

The other side of the Avenue.

Rock Center

Remember me to Herald Square!