Cellblock Thirteen, Eastern State Pennitentiary, Philadephia, PA.  The "Punishment Cellblock" — like the others aren't punishment enough.  The camera sees in the dark better than I do so these snapw were pretty much aim it and hope.  

It has pretty much much being a printing party since the new Epson 4900 arrived on Thursday, so I though it would be a good idea to curtail the paper consumption with a quick trip to Philly and the Eastern State Pennitenitiary. It has been cloudy and raining for the last couple of days so the light was good low contrast stuff. This is the third visit for me, prior visits were in August 2006 and March 2010.  I don't recall having seen Cellblock Thirteen before.

First snap shown taken mounted on the Gitzo, 5D MkII with the 24-70 2.8L at f/8.0, ISO 200 at 24mm with a pair of three shot brackets with +2ev exposure comp applied on the second series, I think, it could have been -2ev on the first bracket. Combined in HDR Efex Pro and finished in Color Efex 3.

As usual there were a lot of snaps, click here or either of the snaps to see the gallery.

Same as above except only one three shot bracket at 60mm.

The beat goes on...

One more HDR production.  NikSoftware had a webinar today on B&W HDR.  Featured a shot from Eastern State Penn in Philly.  Have lots of those on hand, thought I would try one.  Looks too good in color though to make into a B&W.  Pretty good looking for HDR snap series.  From March '10, 5D Mk II @ ISO 200, 35 f1.4 @ f8, three snaps, on the Gitzo.


Same camera configuration, same HDR, bad, complex color cast so Silver Efex 2 and finally a Color Efex Soft Focus to subdue the crunchiness.

Storage is Cheap...

at least the kind most would use to store photos.  Storage to do airline reservations might be $100k per Terabyte but the stuff my snaps live on is about $65 per Terabyte.  So that means it costs around 4¢ for 10 images including backup.  Pretty cheap so why throw them away.  More like why not keep them.  I keep getting better at post processing and I keep getting better using software that is also getting better and the software is getting better a lot faster than I get better.  So snaps that maybe didn't look so good when I took them have the potential to look a lot better a couple of years later.  Kinda like booze, whiskey I think would taste like hell right after it was stuck in the barrel, ten to twenty years later maybe it is a great single malt. Anyway, I was looking a NikSoftware webinar for HDR Efex which I got to replace the difficult to use Photomatix so I went back through the archives and redid some old snaps.  One thrice bracketed series from Fort Delaware in June of '09, and two from August '06; a single shot faux HDR from the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia and a set of nine bracketed snaps from the Old Idaho Penitentiary, in Boise.

Snaps post processed in HRD Efex then another pass in Color Efex with Tonal Contrast and then with Glamour Glow.  Final tune up done in Aperture.

Anyway, I think these prove, that old is worth keeping around and old keeps getting better — kinda like stuffed peppers, hey!

Fort Delaware

Old Idaho Pennetentiary

Eastern State Pennetentiary


Tripped across this guys website. and noticed that we had some Philadelphia subjects in common.  His photos kick my snap's ass.  Easy enought to see by comparing mine to his.  On the other hand his photos have encouraged me to explore squares and think about about better thematic relationships.  I am very envious of his Ben Franklin bridge portfolio.  More to follow.