Cosmith, cobrown, cojones!  JFC the 'piscopalians have no shame, check the cojones on "African Dog".  This is now burned in my cortex for sticky client service situations.  Screw that real lace stuff, just blame it on the ascendancy.  Some balls they got — must think they are Mattel and have a mandate for anatomically correct. Ken and Barbie rock, so does "African Dog"! Hah!

Same approach and recipe as below for a gargoyle snap.  Never know what a long lens will reveal.  Anyway what does an "African Dog" have to do the the US National Cathedral?  BTW, "African Dog" can be found on the North Nave.

That is it for the WNC, assuming the tornado warnings are just that, off to Denver in the AM.

Outside, inside

Washington National Cathedral, Outside: "Master Carver" gargoyle, North Nave, Inside: State Flags, South Nave.

Both two shot HDR sandwich, third was too slow and shaky.  Flag snap with 5D Mk II, 35mm f/1.4L @ f/2.0 and ISO 800, gargoyle with 7D, 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L, ISO 100, f/8.0, 380mm (equivalent FF 608mm)

Interesting, passed 10,000 snaps on the 7D (acquired September 2010) and 40,000 (acquired May 2009) on the 5D Mk II yesterday.  Aperture library since October 2003 is now over 120,000 snaps.


The physical curve must have been cracking hot yesterday.  This image had some cropped off the bottom but the rest is exactly as three handheld shots came from the camera.  Framed perfectly, can't recall that happening very often — much less in a handheld sandwich destined bracket.

Rose window, west end of the nave, at the Washington National Cathedral.  Yesterday with the 5D Mk II with the 35mm f/1.4L @ f/2.0 and ISO 800.  Decided to leave the colors in on this, unlike the last post, because the color is coming from the windows not being adulterated by interior lighting.  Otherwise similar recipe of HDR Efex, Exposure 3 faux Velvia 100 and several Color Efex 3 filters.


Complex subject, complex photo, complex processing — some say complex snapper.  Ceiling of the Washington National Cathedral. Snapped yesterday.  Complex subject speaks for itself, the photo is actually a bracketed three image set. The processing is HDR Efex, Exposure 3 faux Velvia, Silver Efex 2 and bunch of Color Efex 3 effects. The ceiling was a mélange of color casts ergo the B&W conversion but the window color needed to stay, so the windows were painted back in via a mask on the Silver Efex Pro layer with a WACOM tablet.

5D Mk II with 35mm f/1.4L @ f/2.0, ISO 800

More WNC

Washington National Cathedral

The Cloisters, spent a lot of time here waiting — just outside the choir room.  First snapped in November of 2003, this, the latest version, from May of '09.  The lamp lenses that are missing in '09 were missing in '03 too. Someone has a snap on Flickr from April '10 and looks like they might have finally got around to replacing them. Three bracketed shots with the 85mm f/1.2L II on the then very new, 5D Mk II.  Combined using HDR Efex.

From the Bishop's Garden, also the 5D Mk II and HDR Efex, this time with the 17-40 4.0L at 17mm.

Night B&W

Revived snaps from July '05 on the Washington National Cathedral Close.  All clearly on the Gitzo, acquired with the 10D and 17-40L f4.0 @ ISO 200.  Combined with HDR Efex Pro with mild settings, B&W conversion with Silver Efex Pro 2.

Back of Hearst Hall, National Cathedral School.  One exposure at f8.0 another at f11.0 both at 30 seconds.

North Transept Porch, Washington National Cathedral.  Four exposures at f11.0 from 6 to 30 seconds.