Quoting the Boss...

"Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal". Likely fifiteen miles more or less east and west from Fultonville, NY.  Fort Hunter in the east and Herkimer in the west. In conjunction with Tillman Crane's annual photo retreat. Previously in the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey, at least for this year, centered in Johnstown, NY.

Featured locations were the Schoharie Aquaduct and two churches, Herkimer Reformed Church and Palantine Lutheran Church. Didn't much like Palatine Church outcome so no snaps from there are shown (well the tractor is from out back). Between Herkimer and Palatine is, for lack of a better name, the 1769 church. No access but some good results through the windows.

The snap below is from Herkimer Reformed Church, it is in black and white and is the only one so presented. It, in particular, didn't look good in color so it didn't make the gallery, which are all in color. The last few galleries have all been black and white, so it is time to put some different spin on the ball. Color courtesy of VSCO Agfa Vista 100 emulation, pretty much all the cool or cool+ varients. Everything shot with the A7r using the Canon 24 Tilt-Shift.

Click here or on the snap below to see galley snaps.

Herkimer Reformed Church — Herkimer, NY


The backend to a buisness trip to Austria was an extended weekend in Tusacny, more speciifcally the Chianti (Classico) region just south of Floence.  A decently well but wrongly planned trip resulted in miserable logistics in and out and too high an expectation for solo driving on the regions complex secondary roads. After a quick and non-productive drive to what is tagged as the least tourist-laden of the Tusan hill towns (Volterra), I headed to Greve for lunch and more tourists.  After that I got smart and styed close the to the Villa Il Poggiale (highly recommended), where I was staying, in what is probably best described as a Florence suburb, San Casciano Val Di Pesa. Most of the photos were taken within a mile or so of the Villa.

My favorite snap from the weekend is below, click on it or here to be zoomed off to the SmugMug gallery.

Good start in ND

The green isn't for that ND. This the other ND — the one that beats the Indiana ND in hockey every year. Pretty happy with this snap from the first day of the Tillman Crane Structures Workshop. 

Five shot bracket, over 5 stops, windows would have been blown out otherwise.  Sandwiched with Phototmatix Fusion.  5D MkIII @ ISO 200, f/11.0, bracketed around 4/10, 24mm TS-E. Focus assist via SmallHD DP-4. 

After B&H

The apotheosis of St. francis of Assisi — St. Francis of Assisi, West 31st Street, Manhattan

So... a quick trip into B&H this afternoon to get a battery charger to make sure tomorrow is not a snapless Wednesday.  Great conversation with Andrew, who sold me the stuff, about B'more, his daughter, the MICA grad, who stuck around to teach art at a charter school.

On the way back after some gastronimic drama, this popped out the 5D Mk III just before the Path. actually the last shot of the day.  5D Mk III, 35 f/1.4L, f/8.0 at 100 ISO, handheld.

July 4th 2006

After the storm, Leadville, CO.  Altitude, two miles high.  Attitude, well that is another story. Geographically, 40 miles from Vail, 60 miles from Aspen, nevertheless nowhere close to either.

Canon 5D, 24-70mm f/2.8L, f/8.0, 45mm, ISO 400, 1/160.

This one from before the storm. Canon 5D, 24-70mm f/2.8L, f/20.0, 54mm, ISO 100, 1/40.  Diffraction, what diffraction.  Who knows why it was f/20.0.  Obviously on the Gitzo.